The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation's largest and most successful Legal Defense Fund; run by and for peace officers. The Fund is an ERISA Trust that provides legal service benefits for public safety personnel. The Fund has been in existence since 1974 and currently has more than 85,000 members.

The Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriffs' Association uses the law firm of Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler and Levine. The Board of Directors is always available to assist in departmental actions that are not criminal in nature. Board members are trained to determine the level of representation your situation requires.


If you require, or prefer, to be represented by an attorney contact the PORAC Legal Defense Fund. They answer the phones during regular business hours for all non-emergency affairs. Press 3 in the event of an officer involved shooting for immediate response. Leave a message after hours and LDF will contact you during regular business hours and assign a case number. An attorney will then contact you. Do not talk to others about your case and be patient as this can be a long process.






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